January 8th, 2015

Broward Blog: New Year’s Tennis Resolutions


You may run out of fingers if you count the number of acquaintances who have started 2015 with resolutions to lose weight, save money, or work out more. But don’t pooh-pooh your friends — making goals, which is synonymous with resolutions, is a successful method of improving your life by setting mileposts and, hopefully, achieving them.

But forget about money and working out; if you’re a tennis player, establishing tennis goals for 2015 can help you create an outline for where you want to go. Once you’ve got them down on paper, you can make a list of steps to take to achieve them.

Here are the 2015 tennis goals for several members of our South Florida USTA community:

Cory Browarnik, LLC North Miami Dade

Cory Browarnik: Head over heals in love with her overhead


“I want to have a killer overhead because we get lobbed a lot and I don’t put them away like I should. I want to intimidate opponents with my killer overhead.”

— Cory Browarnik, Local League Coordinator, Miami Dade, plays at Brian Piccolo Park & Velodrome, Cooper City

Ray Smith, The Oaks of Boca Raton

Ray Smith: Waist watching




“I want to lose 10 pounds so I can move better, especially because I’m playing some more singles. I also want to work on my forehand, change to a semi-western grip, and get much better footwork. The weight loss will help there, too.”

— Ray Smith, Player, The Oaks of Boca Raton

Juan Coutinho: Community FUN-damentals

Juan Coutinho: Community FUN-damentals


“I would like to create more programs in my community. This will help people see that they can have the same fun with tennis as they do with soccer and basketball.”

— Juan Coutinho, Tennis Pro, Towngate Tennis Center, Pembroke Pines



Donna Kass, LLCr, South Miami Dade County

Donna Kass: It’s only a game!


“My goal is to remember that tennis is a game. We’re economically, geographically, and climatically blessed here in South Florida. When I don’t remember that tennis is just a game, then it becomes the meaning of my life — the be-all and end-all — and it doesn’t need to be that.”

— Donna Kass, Local League Coordinator, South Miami Dade County, plays “wherever there’s a net”


Carol Heller (l) and Bev Feurrin (r), from the Swim & Racquet in Boca Raton.

Carol Heller (l) and Bev Feurring: Poach and approach.

“I plan to poach more.”

— Carol Heller, Longtime Captain, USTA 4.0 team from the Boca Raton Swim & Racquet Center

“I would like to work on my footwork, particularly moving forward, going after the ball, and following up a shot by continuing to move in.”

— Bev Feurring, Player, USTA 4.0 team from the Boca Raton Swim & Racquet Center



Happy New Tennis Year!

What are your 2015 New Year’s tennis resolutions? Tell us below in the comments section!