February 19th, 2021

10U Play and JTT Spring to Life

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USTA Florida is making it easier for parents to find 10-and-under events around the state and search by ball color.  As of today, the organization has added more than 70 of these Junior Circuit events to its online calendar, available at www.USTAFlorida.com/events. Parents can search by facility, get a list or map view, and even filter events by ball color.

This week, the organization also marked the full return of Junior Team Tennis and Team Challenge events in nine areas of the state, offering additional Jr Circuit play opportunities for Florida youth players this Spring.  Team tennis provides an excellent opportunity for 10u players to get match-play experience in a fun, team-based environment.  Playing in junior team tennis is recorded in the USTA play tracker, helping participants move through the various levels of red, orange, and green-ball play.  Information on where JTT is offered and easy registration links are also available on the website, www.USTAFlorida.com/JTT.

“Many of our providers and parents have been frustrated by the lack of 10u play opportunities this year.  We have been working diligently with our providers to add more 10u events in every area of Florida.  We now have more than 70 Jr Circuit events, and nine areas offering JTT.  We will keep working to ensure there are more of these play opportunities in every ball color,” explained Laura Bowen, USTA Florida Executive Director.

In January, USTA unveiled a new tournament and play structure that aligns all levels of youth play across the country.  Prior to the change, 10U play was included as part of the overall USTA Florida tournament structure.  In Florida, much of that play was included in Level 9, Level 8, and Level 7 tournaments, as well as Team Tennis.  In the new structure, 10U play is separated from the overall tournament structure entirely.  Providers who want to offer 10U play in red, orange, and green, must submit separate events for these levels.  In many cases, it is not evident to parents which ball color is being offered.

To make it easier for parents to connect with the right events, USTA Florida is entering all the Junior Circuit events and Junior Team Tennis information on our online events calendar and adding a filter for ball color.  The USTAFlorida.com web calendar is accessible on desktop or mobile device via direct link www.USTAFlorida.com/events.    Parents can also download the USTA Florida App to get quick access to 10u events, including team tennis at any time from anywhere with the brand new USTA Florida mobile app, now available through the Apple Store and Google Play.

“We will continue to use every tool we have to help our providers offer more play and to ensure that parents can find the best play opportunities to meet their family’s needs,” Bowen added.