Get the tools and information you need to run successful USTA Florida tennis programs.

From running a tournament to starting a program in your school to promoting your event, we are here to help.

Net Generation

We’re here to welcome a new generation of players and help them usher in the next era of tennis. By working with coaches, schools, and parents, and offering them the full support of the USTA, we are ready to break new ground on and off the court.


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Education & Training

There are education and training opportunities taking place year-round.  From 10 & Under Tennis Coaches workshops to Community Tennis Workshops to Diversity Outreach Workshops and more, USTA Florida can help guide you to the education you are looking for.


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Tennis In Schools

As a central part of thriving communities, teachers always look for new ways to bring subjects to life for students. With Net Generation, the USTA is committed to helping teachers introduce tennis in PE classes and after-school programs. 

Net Generation encourages kids to become engaged and challenge themselves with a new standard of play. The easy-to-follow curricula help teachers shape the game for individuals, so they can advance at their own pace.  More importantly, it uses tennis as a pathway to personal development beyond the court.


USTA gives you everything you ned to start and maintain a school program:

  • For schools with a community partner: an equipment starter kit including racquets, balls, rolls of tape, chalk, and apparel for class leaders
  • Digital communications providing new program information, educational content, and support to build Net Generation in your school
  • A print or online suite of teaching materials to help build lessons and continue education
  • Free online and in-person training
  • A newsletter sharing best practices and success stories of Net Generation school programs
  • Comprehensive, turnkey curricula created by the USTA & SHAPE America
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Junior Team Tennis

Starting a Junior Team Tennis League is easier than you think!

We are here to assist you throughout the process. Once your league is approved, you’ll receive a toolkit and promotional support to help reach new and existing players. Start planning your League today!


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Start A Masters Tennis Program

Whether you are a club, facility, or local Ambassador looking to bring Masters Tennis to your community or organize Masters Tennis events, we’re here to help you.  From format guides to court schematics to event fliers, we have the tools to make your program a hit in your community.

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Run A Tournament

Get the resources and tools you need to run successful USTA Florida Adult and Junior Tournaments.  From sanctioning questions to rules and regulations, we can guide you to information and resources you need.


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Submit Your Events

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to add your youth & adult tennis events to our online calendar!

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Promote Your Event

Wondering how to get the word out about your event?
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