Wheelchair team tennis will be front and center next month when USTA Florida hosts the Florida Cup Spring Wheelchair Team Tournament on Apr. 11, 2020 at the USTA National Campus in Orlando.

“This USTA Florida team wheelchair tournament will provide a valuable competitive opportunity for our wheelchair tennis players in three different divisions,” says Jennifer Wysocki, USTA Florida Adult Program Coordinator. “The aim of this event is to provide players with the opportunity to both compete in singles and doubles, and to maximize the amount of match play against other wheelchair athletes.”

The one-day, non-ranking tournament will have a unique team format that is gender-blind. Teams will be comprised of 2-4 players, and players can sign-up together as a team or individually.

“This is the only USTA Florida ‘team wheelchair’ event where game scores are tallied throughout the whole round robin in singles and doubles,” explains Wysocki. “Potentially, a team could lose a match but still advance to the finals, so each member plays a critical role in the success of the team.”

The team format will be two sets of singles and one set of doubles per match. The set will be to six with no Ad scoring, with the game score tallied throughout the entirety of the tournament. The top team from each flight with the highest amount of games won will play the winner of the other flight in the championship.

“USTA Florida is adopting the philosophy of ‘a little time, a lot of tennis’ for many of our adult tennis products,” adds Wysocki. “We are excited to bring this concept into wheelchair tennis too. The players will be able to come on Saturday, play in potentially four matches and still have the rest of the weekend to enjoy their time.”

This event will be held alongside the Spring Family Festival; a family-themed play day to promote family play and bonding experiences on the tennis court.

“We want to provide tennis opportunities for everyone in our communities,” says Wysocki. “We are hopeful that everyone can enjoy this fun, team tennis tournament and take part in the other festivities with their families and friends while they’re at the National Campus.”

The deadline for entry into the Florida Cup Spring Wheelchair Team Tournament is April 7. Entry fee is $25.00 per player.

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