Daniel York | USTA FL | Board of Directors

Daniel York

Director at Large

Daniel was born and raised in Merritt Island and just six years ago got involved in the tennis community. A friend of his asked him to come out and play, and Daniel loved it so much that he got involved with Adult Leagues. He is excited to serve on the board because he feels that he brings a different perspective to the Board and to USTA Florida. Having picked up tennis later in life I feel that I bring a different outlook on how we attract and grow Florida tennis by engaging with people that have not been playing their entire life. 

He will now be joining the Board as a new Director at Large.  Daniel is the Founder of DANKO Holdings, Inc., a private-equity investment firm, focusing on Bio-Med, Green Energy, Blockchain, Banking and Consumer Tech companies. In his free time, Daniel loves to practice his tennis game, but he also enjoys boating and fishing. 

  • Residence: Merritt Island, FL 
  • Favorite tennis memory: Taking my good friend Gigi Fernandez to Puerto Rico immediately after Hurricane Maria along with several former NFL players friends to visit the children’s hospital in San Juan that had lost all power. I had Tesla come in with huge generators to get the Hospital back up and running and Gigi and the NFL players visited and played with the kids. Secondly, my local USTA team made nationals the first year I started playing. 

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