Masters Tennis: Clubs and Facilities

Masters Tennis is a great format of play to offer to tennis players in your community. We are here to help you get started.


Find a teaching pro/instructor who is comfortable working with beginners and older players. The teaching pro should understand that the target audience might have different goals, such as wanting to play for fun, than a traditional player seeking instruction or league play. It is important to foster group spirit and teach basic doubles play strategy. Also, a Masters Tennis player may not physically be able to cover a full sized 78’ court, so the teaching pro needs to encourage proper stretching pre and post play to limit injury.


The suggested equipment for 60’ Masters Tennis play is a 25” racquet for new players, or if a player already has their own racquet they can choose to use that (a smaller racquet may be more comfortable for beginners).

Courts should be lined for 60’ play in advance.  A low-compression orange ball is used as well (alternatively, players may have fun experiencing play on a smaller, 36’ court with a low-compression red ball).

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Promote your programming in a variety of ways.
Encourage players to bring friends or utilize
volunteers to reach out to the community.

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USTA also offers grants for facility improvement and construction pending USTA National Guidelines are met by the facility. Up to 75% of grant dollars is available for adding blended lines and court conversion projects. Guidelines for other facility improvements are available upon request.

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Contact Us if you are a facility interested in providing Masters Tennis. We will reply and provide detailed information on how to move forward.

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