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Delegates from your member organization are entitled to vote on various issues as stated in our Bylaws

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Below you will find lists of our Member Organizations and Delegate information:



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Delegate Qualifications

A delegate must have the following qualifications:

  1. Each delegate must be a current individual member in the USTA from the Florida Section.
  2. Each delegate must be a minimum age of 19.
  3. A person may be a delegate for one Member Organization only.
  4. An alternate delegate may be named by the Organizational Member in the event a registered delegate is unable to serve and must meet the same qualifications of a delegate.
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Voting Rights & Bylaws

Voting rights are determined by the five membership categories (club, school, park and recreation department, community tennis association, and program delivery or service organization and other entities). The current bylaws of USTA Florida provides one vote by the registered delegate for each member organization.

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