The Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom.

Delegates, Board Members, and staff will receive an email by USTA FL with further information. 

Meeting Registration

Review the agenda in in advance. Click the link below to download the meeting agenda.  

2021 Meeting Agenda

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USTA Florida ByLaws Article 3 Section 2: Delegates

A. Rights

  1. Organization Members shall have one (1) delegate and one (1) vote per delegate.
  2. Delegates – Each delegate shall be appointed or elected in accordance with each
    Organization Member’s policies provided:

a. Each delegate and the organization the delegate represents shall be a current member of the USTA.
b. Each delegate must be at least nineteen (19) years of age.
c. Each delegate may only be a delegate for one Organization Member

  1. Alternate Delegates – An alternate delegate may be named by the Organization Member in the event a registered delegate is unable to serve and must meet the same qualifications of a delegate.
  2. Organization Members and delegates are entitled to notice of all meetings of the membership. Delegates are entitled to be present and vote at all meetings of the membership.
  3. Individual Members are entitled to be present at all meetings of the membership but shall have no voting rights.

Review the the list of Member Organizations and Delegate information to make sure your listing is accurate.

Member Organizations and Delegates List

During the meeting, delegates will vote/participate on the following matters:

  • Approval of Minutes from the previous Annual Meeting
  • Vote on Bylaw Amendments
  • Adjourn the Meeting

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes  2021 Proposed Bylaw Amendments

You must update your delegate information no later than Nov. 1st to vote at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Membership.


If you have general questions or need assistance, please contact Laura Bowen below.