Team Tennis Challenges

Team Tennis Challenges are the new brand of Junior Team Tennis tournament offered by USTA Florida. These one or two day tournaments cater to kids ages 6-18 and include all skill levels of play.
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Team Tennis Challenges are non-advancing tournaments and allow teams to participate with little to no eligibility other than appropriate age and skill levels offered. USTA Florida offers a red and orange ball Team Tennis Challenge for ages 6-10  and a green and yellow ball Team Tennis Challenge for kids ages 8-18 for novice, intermediate, and advanced divisions.

Skill Definitions

The following are recommendations to help guide players, parents and captains when registering teams for Team Tennis Challenges:

10 & Under Advanced:
This division is for players aged 8 – 10 years who have considerable match play, team tennis and/or sanctioned tournament experience on orange court. Players have demonstrated a successful transition to green dot ball on 78’ court in a competitive format. This division will play with a green dot ball on a 78’ court.

Novice – 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s:
For players with limited or no prior team tennis or tournament experience. Players must be able to serve, rally and score independently and have been introduced to match play. All novice divisions will play with the green dot ball on a 78’ court.

Intermediate – 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s:
For players with prior match play, team tennis or tournament experience. Players in this division may have accumulated USTA Florida ranking points as a result of sanctioned tournament play. All intermediate divisions will play with the yellow ball on a 78’ court.

Advanced – 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s:
For players with considerable team tennis and/or tournament experience. Players who have accumulated 200 or more points competing in USTA Florida sanctioned tournaments must play in the Advanced division. All advanced divisions will play with the yellow ball on a 78’ court.


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Team Tennis Challenges

How many days will these USTA Florida Regional Team Tennis Challenges be?

These events will be completed over a 2-day weekend environment.

Will there be a 10u age division or will 10u players be allowed to play?

We will offer an 8-10u advanced age division at these Regional events. The teams will play with a green dot ball on a 78’ full size court. Players ages 8-10 must play in the 8-10u advanced division and are not permitted to play up in age division.  Players ages 7 years or younger are not permitted to enter this tournament.

Where do 8u red ball or 10u orange ball players participate?

USTA Florida is offering 8u/10u Team Tennis Challenges that will include the red ball / court and orange ball / court for players that meet the minimal criteria of Serve-Rally-Score. These events will be scheduled separate from the Regional Team Tennis Challenges.

Are you offering green ball divisions?

Yes. Green balls will be used for play in all of the novice divisions using a 78’ court. We will also use a green dot ball for the 8-10u advanced division.

Are you offering gender-neutral divisions?

Yes. The novice divisions at the Regional Team Tennis Challenges will offer gender-neutral teams. For example, a team can enter a novice division with 3 boys and 1 girl or a team can include all of one gender if needed.

Will players be allowed to play up in age division?

Yes and no. Players 8-10 years of age must play in the 10u advanced division and are not permitted to play in an older age division. Players 11 and older may play up but only one age division above their natural age division will be permitted.

Can a team or player play in multiple USTA Florida Regional Team Tennis Challenge events?

 Yes. We expect some teams and players will want to travel and play in multiple Team Tennis Challenge tournaments. However, with limited space in some draws, we will give priority to teams within the home regions first.

Are there ranking limitations to participate in the USTA Florida Regional Team Tennis Challenge?

No and yes. Any player with a USTA Florida ranking points can play in a USTA Florida Regional Team Tennis Challenge however, that player must play in the advanced skill division, no matter his/her age, if he/she has accumulated 200+ points using the standings list at certain times of the year.

What is the minimum number of boys or girls to form a team?

Two (2) boys and two (2) girls are the minimum needed to form a complete team.

Are teams allowed to enter the USTA Florida Regional Team Tennis Challenge even if they are not playing in a local league team tennis season?

Yes! USTA Florida wants to provide competitive team match opportunities for kids regardless if they participate in a locally branded USTA league or not. BYOT is the battle cry “Bring Your Own Team!” to our Regional Team Tennis Challenges!

Do players have to be USTA members to participate in the USTA Florida Regional Team Tennis Challenge?

No. USTA membership is not a requirement for this event. Instead there will be a discounted entry fee for those players that are USTA members and a higher entry fee for those that are not USTA members as a way to show USTA member value and appreciation to those that are USTA members.

Do players need to play a minimum number of matches before entering a USTA Florida Regional Team Tennis Challenge?

No. There is no match minimum needed to be played prior to participating in this event. It is as simple as forming a team (BYOT) within the rules and divisions of the tournament and entering by the deadline. It would be recommended that teams participate in a local league or grand prix circuit prior to attending but it is not a requirement.

Why is the deadline to enter so early?

USTA Florida wants to be sure to provide the best run event for those participating. Therefore, we need time to order materials and resources for the event, make sure we have enough court space to schedule matches and some leeway time for troubleshooting unexpected issues that may arise.

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Parent Tips

The following forms are required to be signed by a parent/guardian and turned in on the day of the event to the Tournament Director.  Please print, read, sign, and bring the forms with you to the Team Tennis Challenge.

Publicity/Photo Release Form  Ethics Form


  • Clap or cheer for all players on the court
  • Let your court monitor and coach instruct your kids
  • Make friends with other parents at the event
  • Keep a positive attitude and stay cheery on the sideline
  • Teach your child good sportsmanship and fair play
  • Support your child emotionally and logistically
  • Realize all children develop their tennis skills at different rates


  • Clap or cheer for a double fault or unforced error
  • Try and take your coach’s job
  • Make enemies with your child’s opponent’s parents
  • Act negative or angry on the sidelines
  • Encourage your child to be unsportsmanlike or make unfair calls
  • Belittle or get upset with your child if he or she has a bad day on the court
  • Compare your child’s progress with that of other children

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